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Illustrious Sir, Anatol "Tony" Maxwell, Potentate


Potentate’s Message - March 25, 2015

 Dear Nobles,

 … we have a lot of fun work ahead of us – THINK MEMBERSHIP!  It may be our greatest area of opportunity …

 … some prospective members ask to join, others are recruited.  A next step is often assimilation – finding a good fit for a new member’s interests, e.g. Units & Clubs.  Then there’s a member development aspect, for example – becoming an aide or taking on leadership responsibilities.  A Divan should also seek to serve their nobles -- hopefully leading to retention.

 If a member has not been able to take an active part, there may be a need to reach out to them and strive to understand their current situation – perhaps the reason they joined is still valid, and now they need help developing new aspirations and goals.  Maybe they just need a gentle push or pull to get involved again …

 As in many Shrines, our membership demographic is fairly senior -- and with the passage of time, the black camel appears to visit more often.  However, we have actually begun to create MORE new members in VARIOUS age groups – we CAN be optimistic that we have turned the tide and may now be poised for a net gain in membership.  And recruit we must.  As a concordant body, we have a unique platform that offers members a plethora of unique opportunities.  The Shrine is a wonderful place for Master Masons to meet in harmony and frank good-fellowship – and to carry back to their Blue Lodge their new inspiration.

 In unity with our Grand Lodge, we must also strive to identify friends, perhaps neighbors and colleagues who have potential to become Master Masons.  Remember your first duty has always been, is now, and will forever be, to your Lodge, for you received there the highest degree you will ever receive this side of paradise, the degree of Master Mason.

 … a vibrant, enthusiastic and growing membership will help ensure a brighter future for Nur Shrine and the World’s Greatest Philanthropy – Shriners Hospitals for Children®.  If charity is one of our guiding virtues – let’s help develop that character in others, and let’s THINK MEMBERSHIP!

 It is my great honor & pleasure to serve with you.

 Yours in the Faith,








Revised:  03/30/15

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