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Illustrious Sir, Bruce A. Beck, Potentate


Well time is flying by like the sand in an hour glass.  As we prepare to go to the Imperial Sessions in Minneapolis,  Mindy, myself, along with the entire Divan, wish you and yours a happy and safe 4th of July.  We have planned a Cold Sands initiation on the 16th in the Main Hall.  I am asking for as many people to be there and reserve a spot with Helga.  It would be a great thing for the new candidates and their spouses to see as many people as possible and see that we are a family welcoming them in.  We will have a public, cold sands.  After which the ladies will have Ill. Sir Ed Roth talk about the hospital, and the guys will get to meet the units and members of the shrine.  It is very important that we welcome our new nobles with open arms.  On Friday the 18th of July the Yacht club are hosting their annual Kiddie Cruise in Chesapeake City MD.   I urge all to come out and support our Yacht club and our kids from the hospital.  There is also a Golf Club outing at Del Castle Golf Club on the 24th.  Please call George Wolfe for more details.  Tommy “Digger” Ventura has been running the housing committee for the Fall MASA in September, please call him ASAP and get your reservations in,  for September 2-7th.  This is a great time where the units parade and hopefully bring home some trophy’s.  But besides that we always have a great time and share good fellowship.   Well folks, as Porky Pig says….Th th that’s all Folks!

                                                                     Yours in Faith

                                                                     Bruce A. Beck                                    

Revised:  07/01/14

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