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Illustrious Sir, Bruce A. Beck, Potentate

       Please remember that the October Delaware Room Dinner has been moved to Thursday, October 16th.  This was done so that units can participate in the Milford Halloween parade.  Our Renowned Grand Chef Pat Brown will be cooking for us all.  He always prepares meals that are out this world.  Please call Helga to make your reservations.


Fall is here!  Virginia Beach was a good time.  We took home 4 Trophies!  What an honor and great job to all the units that came out and showed that although we were small in numbers, we were a force to contend with.  I wanted to thank Tom Ventura for his diligent work in organizing this event.  I also wanted to thank Ill. Sir Robert McCormick for donating a deli platter!  It was yummy and the tray was just grand.  To everyone that came down to MASA and partook in festivities, both Lady Mindy and I are grateful!  NUR also had the pleasure of hosting The Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Delaware, H. Richard Hoffman, and his Grand Lady Jo.  He and his lady have participated in a lot of our events this year and we have been honored to have them both.

              This year, truly has been a grand one!  The elected divan has really pulled together to make this year, and our Shrine a really better organization! On the 27th and 28th of September, Dover Downs, gave us an opportunity to let the public see our units and make them aware of the Shriner’s Hospital for Children.  A  Huge thanks goes out to the Mini Choppers who delighted the public, and performed their routines all day on Saturday and Sunday.  Our newly reactivated Mini Corvettes looked great on Saturday.  It really was a crowd pleaser.  Another reestablished unit, the Big Bike club also was there on Saturday and displayed 1 bike.  The Hillbillies came out on Saturday, and the crowd loved seeing them.  Nobles Chuck Maass and Ricky Swalm came out on Saturday and performed in uniform of the Fife and Drum Corp. A special thanks to Paulette Platus, represented our hospital and helped answer the many questions the public had about our hospitals, what they do and how to seek medical aid for Children.  She drove up from Alexandria, Virginia and was a great addition to this event.  Noble John Malstrom and Noble Joel Brewer, entertained the kids as clowns.  On Saturday, we were joined by Crescent Shrine.   Their Potentate, Ill. Sir Lee Grimes and their Legion of Honor  attended and helped make the day fun.  Sunday Crescent Shrine had 5 of their Mini Trucks come out and they performed all day.  Lulu, had 1 Legion of Honor there to assist the hospital booth.  We are truly blessed to have Noble Henry B. Tippie , who is part owner of Dover Downs Casino and Raceway, help give us  this great opportunity.  Ill. Sir Patrick Burke was also involved and a key in helping act as a go between for us and Henry B. Tippie.  A final accounting of tickets sales and the money raised has not to this date been released.  We should have this figure by next Wednesday.  Our paper drive that we held, raised $228.00 on Saturday and $152.77 on Sunday.  We had 3 direct donations, (1) check that was presented by Ill. Sir Patrick Burke at the last hospital board meeting for $500.00, (1) check for 120.00 and (1) check for $250.00.  The money will be presented to the Philadelphia Hospital at and upcoming board meeting, once we get the check from Dover Downs Speedway.  The Raceway was also nice and provided some of our patients and their families a 30 person executive skybox.  Ill. Sir Ed Roth made sure everyone was entertained and their needs taken care of.


            Upcoming events – Sea witch, is right around the corner, Noble Joseph McAleese, Oriental Guide and his lady Tammy have been diligently working to scare us all with an outstanding  weekend and party, and let us not forget the parade on Saturday.  Come in your favorite costume.  The winner will be receiving a special prize.  Again, Helga needs your reservation ASAP.  We don’t want to pay for any rooms that we can’t use.


           Please register for the Harvest Ball as soon as possible.   Noble Tom Cole, High Priest and Prophet and his Lady Cindy, are working hard to make this a memorable event. Please give them and the Nobility of NUR your support, by coming out to this event.  Please call Helga to get your reservations in so Tom can tell the caterer how many people they need to prepare for.  Please also get any new or slightly used items in to the Shrine, for our silent auction.  The Yacht club will be running this event.  We will also be holding a full ceremonial in the morning!  We will then welcome all the New Nobles and their ladies into our Shrine family.  So please let us show them all that NUR has to offer!  


           Our final Basket Bingo, is November 2nd, and this is the men’s bingo. Please note that this is a change in the original date printed on the calendar.  Please all units, we ask that you sponsor a basket also try to get outside sponsors. I also urge the nobility to sponsor a basket.  The Shrine needs your support so we can continue to make improvements and repairs to the shrine!  We can’t do it without your support . I would in advance like to thank Judy Lemley and Noble Fred Roland for their hard work in not only making these bingos fun, but also helping to raise money for our Temple.


          The Middletown Christmas Parade has been moved to the 22nd of November.  Please all units call Noble Ted Haefner and register with him so he can get the lineup in on time.  As mentioned earlier the Fall Ceremonial has been changed to November 15th, this was moved from December 6th, Chief Rabban A. Tony Maxwell has been working hard to insure that this ceremonial is memorable to the candidates and memorialize Carl Cox.  December 6th is our last big parade of the year, in North East Maryland and is always well attended.  The Christmas Party is still on for Saturday evening December 6th.  Assistant Rabban H. George Wolfe and his Lady Betty have wonderful entertainment and a delicious menu planned for us! 


Our Coins for Kids program continues to be a wonderful success and as you all know the box is out at all our events.  I urge everyone to continue to contribute by dropping in your lose change and dollars in the “Red Box”.  100% of the proceeds will go to Philadelphia’s Shriners Hospital for Children!  NUR temple is really fulfilling our slogan this year.  You are all shining bright, and being that Beacon of Hope for our Children.


Yours In Faith,

Bruce A. Beck- Potentate







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